Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten is a law firm with three ambitious and dedicated lawyers who focus exclusively on criminal law. This enables us to closely follow the latest developments in national and international criminal law. Our clients are thus ensured of top-quality legal aid. We see to the interests of every client in an active and creative manner regardless of the nature, scope and complexity of the case. The Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten lawyers are practical, flexible and approachable. And because the prosecutor's office and the police do not work office hours only, our lawyers don't either. Whenever necessary they will also provide you with advice and assistance in the evenings and weekends.

The lawyers at Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten handle many diverse criminal cases. We assist clients in 'regular' criminal cases on a daily basis. These are cases of a general nature, like theft and abuse as well as murder and rape. We further have extensive knowledge and experience of the following specialised fields:

  • Extradition and surrender procedures;
  • Juvenile criminal law (criminal cases relating to minors);
  • Involuntary commitment relating to criminal cases (extensions and complaints concerning involuntary commitment);
  • Sex offences (rape, indecent assault, illegal relations, possession of child pornography);
  • Human trafficking and (facilitating) illegal immigration;
  • Drug-related cases (cannabis farms, drug dealing and smuggling);
  • Criminal and protective attachment (e.g. confiscation of property, funds and cars);
  • Cassation cases (appeal cases with the High Council, the highest Dutch Court).

Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten further specialises in defending clients who come into contact with the Dutch Special Investigative Services such as FIOD or the financial intelligence department. We assist clients in fiscal, financial and environmental criminal cases, including laundering and confiscation-related cases. We handle cases of varying types and scopes. When necessary, our criminal defence lawyers cooperate with other criminal defence lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and other experts. We have a well-connected network of experts that we can consult if needed to best serve your interests.

The Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten staff are members of various specialist law associations, including the Nederlandse Vereniging van Strafrechtadvocaten (NVSA, Dutch Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers), Vereniging van Cassatieadvocaten in Strafzaken (VCAS, Association of Cassation Specialist in Criminal Cases), the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) and the Association of Juvenile Lawyers Amsterdam (JRAA).


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