Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten provides legal assistance both for paying clients and through State-funded legal aid (a so-called toevoeging).

Where Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten provides legal assistance to paying clients, the agreements with the client are set down in a written order confirmation. In principle, the hours we work are then multiplied by the agreed-upon hourly rate. That is the lawyer's fee. The hourly rate may vary on a case-by-case basis, depending among other things (but not exclusively) on the lawyer handling the case, his or her knowledge and experience, the importance of the case and the urgency involved (or lack thereof).

Added to the fee is a 5% administration charge. Costs, such as court charges and travel expenses, as well as any costs made for assistance / third parties, are charged on to the client. Finally, we charge 21% VAT.

Where Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten aids a client through State-funded legal assistance (a so-called toevoeging), the agreements pertaining to that arrangement are also set down in a written order confirmation. The client will need to provide all the necessary information for an application for State-funded legal assistance with the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand). In the event that no ex officio order to grant a monetary allowance has been given (the cases in which ex officio orders are given are defined by the law), the client will have to pay a contribution.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all activities and services provided by Wolters Strafrechtadvocaten.


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